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The Right Approach to Managing Your Sharps Waste
  • Yellow Lidded Sharps Box
  • Orange Lidded Sharps Box

Because we’re experts in clinical waste, we offer our clients a full range of disposable solutions for all clinical and sharps waste from 55ltr bin collections to single one off bags and 6, 7 & even 11ltr sharps removal.

All of these bins conform to the new Environment Agency regulations Disposal of Sharps Waste and The Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 (CWR 2012)

With all three classifications now in force "special waste" is seen to be potentially more harmful to the environment or the general population. As such, this waste is now tracked more closely than either general waste or sanitary waste.

An Environment Agency Consignment Note is required to track each individual shipment and ensure that your clinical waste is transported and disposed of correctly.

The Vastum Group will produce these notes, on your behalf, and will ensure that they are completed correctly and logged with the Environment Agency.

In the last few years, issues have been raised by The Department of Health on decontamination and re-use of instruments from clinical procedures in relation to the risk of infection.

The Department have also recently issued specific guidance relating to single use instruments for dentists and other practitioners. This has led to an increase in single use instruments and the need for their safe disposal as clinical waste.

We supply two types of unit for the safe storage of this waste:

Hard clinical waste unit - for non-sharp single use instruments - retractors, speculum etc.

The unit has a solid removable lid to allow for larger single use items if necessary, and is suitable for metal or plastic items (and other hard items contaminated only with infectious body fluids e.g. glass).

This waste is incinerated or treated in suitably permitted facilities.

Sharps units - for sharp items that are single use and not contaminated with medicines e.g. scalpels, scissors etc.

The sharps waste unit is yellow to indicate clinical waste and an orange lid to identify as non-medicinal sharps waste. It has a self-locking final closure, to provide the necessary added security for sharp items which can pose a greater risk.
This is suitable for metal or plastic items (and any other hard items contaminated only with infectious bodily fluids e.g. glass).

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