Now I've ordered, whats next?

What happens when you order from us?

This is the most common question that we get asked by our potential customers.

Our service explained:


1.    Once we've both agreed your pricing structure we will send you, usually via email, a yearly service agreement. This is a 12 month agreement (except for hand driers). You won’t be forced into staying with us by having to sign a 3 or 5 year contract.

2.    Once we receive your signed service agreement we will instruct our service operatives and schedule in your installation. For sanitary disposal and other easy to install items such as automatic air fresheners, soap dispensers etc. we will install usually within 7 working days (sometimes quicker if you really need it!). Other washroom items such as water management systems and warm air hand driers will take a little longer as we may need to send out an engineer to survey your site. This is necessary by law for buildings older than 10 years, as there may be an asbestos risk.

3.    You will be contacted before your installation to check the details and to make you aware that we are coming.

4.    You will receive your first invoice after the initial installation, this usually takes about a week to arrive so please be patient, we can assure you we haven’t forgotten you.

5.    If you are having a sanitary disposal service, our operative will visit your premises, make himself or herself known and carry out the service as required. Once completed, you are left with a service sheet which details the service type and date. This is signed by both parties and a copy must be retained by you for 2 years, whilst we retain a copy for 7 years.

6.    A yearly waste transfer note is issued at the end of the first years’ service and is supplied completely free of charge.

7.    At all times we offer you our best intentions to deliver a truly outstanding service.


Contact us now on 01638 815464 or email us on for more details

Why choose us

Here’s what you’ll get from us…
  • Brand new equipment including a foot pedal operated sanitary bin – This means a no touch user experience.
  • A liner exchange service which means you won’t have someone else’s scuffed and damaged bin after each service call.
  • Free of charge Duty of Care notes means you won’t get surprised by hidden extras at the end of the year.
  • All waste is incinerated in a waste to energy plant which means you’ll be helping our environment by not having your waste land-filled.
  • No long-term contract to sign – Just a yearly service agreement with easy exit terms.
  • A 90 Day money back guarantee - Should you not be absolutely delighted with any aspect of our services you’ll get your money back.
  • One to one point of contact – Should there ever be any queries, you can contact us directly and we will resolve them.
  • 100% proven service record to all of our clients.

Contact information

For all enquiries please send to:

The Vastum Group Ltd
9 Saxon Hall Road

Tel: 01638 815464