Facilities management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities.

This further involves and encompasses multi-disciplinary activities within the workplace environment and the management of their impact upon people in that workplace.

With correct and effective facilities management, combining resources and activities, a company or organisation can be most successful. At a corporate level, facilities management contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to day level, effective facilities management will provide a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business or organisation.

Within this fast growing professional discipline, facilities managers have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing a myriad of services. These include property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure also building maintenance, administration and contract management.

What’s more facilities management is a vital and strategic discipline because it translates the high-level, strategic change required by senior decision makers into day-to-day reality for people in their work space.


Exceptional facilities management can, amongst other things;


  1. Provide operational management of an organisation’s assets

  2. Enhance the skills of people within the FM sector and provide identifiable and meaningful career options

  3. Facilitate new working styles and processes which is vital in this technology driven age

  4. Augment and project an organisation’s identity and image

  5. Help with the integration processes associated with change

  6. Help with business continuity and workforce protection in an era of heightened security threats

Do I really need Facilities Management?

We believe that all successful organisations in the future will approach Facilities Management as an integral part of their strategic plan. Whilst those organisations that treat Facilities Management as a commodity overhead will be at a significant disadvantage.


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