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General waste, also called residual waste, is material from businesses that cannot be recycled. It includes materials such as non-recyclable plastics, polythene, some packaging and kitchen scraps, etc.

Historically, this waste has been disposed of in a landfill site and some general waste is still disposed of this way.

However, advances in technology now mean that there are several alternative ways of dealing with general waste which can still ensure value – usually in the form of energy – is recovered from it.

Energy from Waste

In Energy-from-Waste facilities (also known as municipal incinerators), general waste can be safely burned at high temperatures, under carefully controlled conditions, to produce electricity and heat.

Not only do modern well-operated facilities burn general waste. They also burn residual waste, waste that is left over after recycling and recovery.

This is done to produce energy for the National Grid, ensuring that even this residual waste stream is put to good use.

When used in this way, general waste can be a sustainable and reliable source of power, helping the UK to achieve renewable energy targets.

Currently around 5.6 million tonnes of waste is treated this way each year, generating up to 275 megawatts of electricity. 23% of renewable energy comes from energy from waste facilities, the equivalent to 726,000 tonnes of oil.

The Vastum Group is a Zero to Landfill company and fully supports the building of and consideration to Municipal Incinerators.

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