Food Waste

A great way to recycle is composting!
  • Food Waste

The food waste we collect from you is sent for composting. Composting is the oldest form of recycling organic material.

The composting process is the biological process of breaking down this organic matter by various micro-organisms to create a substance which can then be used as a fertiliser and soil conditioner, helping new plants to grow.

The addition of compost to soil has a number of beneficial effects on the soil’s physical, chemical and nutrient properties. Compost improves soil structure, retains moisture, provides plant nutrients, increases organic matter and reduces disease.

These are all important in maintaining and improving soil conditions for plant growth.

Food waste regulations

These are the rules for businesses regarding food waste, including waste cooking oil:

  • You must remove food waste and other rubbish from rooms where food is present as quickly as possible, to avoid them building up.
  • You must put food waste and other rubbish in containers that can be closed, unless you can satisfy your local authority that other types of containers or systems of disposing of waste are appropriate. These containers must be of appropriate construction, kept in sound condition, be easy to clean and, where necessary, easy to disinfect.
  • You must have adequate facilities for storing and disposing of food waste and other rubbish. Stores for waste must be designed and managed in a way that enables them to be kept clean and, where necessary, free of animals and pests.
  • You must get rid of all waste in a hygienic and environmentally friendly way, in accordance with legislation. (There are rules about the way certain types of food waste must be collected and disposed of – contact your local authority for details.)
  • The waste must not be a direct or indirect source of contamination (e.g. touching surfaces that food is prepared on, or attracting pests).

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