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A cost effective way to control odours and limescale in the washroom
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Looking for a quick, easy and cheap way to improve the environment of your washroom?


Well look no further, Mywashroom brings you the Mywashroom sanitiser and cleaner that is the most cost effective way of controlling unpleasant odours and lime scale in your washroom.

Most washrooms in the UK come with automatically flushing urinals. Almost all the washrooms in the UK work with the same technique. The parameters of the urinals are when the cistern bowl fills with water; the ball clock and valve release the water to flush the urinals. The rate at which this happens is around 4 flushes per hour, 24 hours per day,and 7 days a week. This results in immense amounts of water being wasted. More so, one would assume that all of the water which is used for cleaning up the urinals is keeping the washrooms clean and fresh, when in fact it may not be the case. That is because of two reasons, cleaning with water alone is not effective and most water in the UK contains lime scale.

What problems did Mywashroom identify?


Mywashroom has identified two major problems that are faced in the process of cleaning urinals with just water.


  • Lime scale: Lime scale contains calcium that has the tendency to bond with every surface that it touches. This means that the calcium will stick to the waste disposal pipes, resulting in eventual blockage. The calcium will also leave unattractive brown stains around the toilet bowl and the urinal rose.
  • Bacteria build up: The urinals are being washed with water only. So that technically means that no actual cleaning is taking place and that causes extensive bacteria build up on the urinal rose and toilet bowl. The bacteria have the tendency to stick to the lime scale and this accumulation of bacteria causes an awful odour and overall unhygienic feeling exudates from the washroom. As the water from the urinal is flushed, the droplets of water can spray up and contaminate other surfaces of the washroom. This makes the washroom environment not only unpleasant but is also a health hazard.

What solution does Mywashroom offer?

Mywashroom offers the solution in the form of our Quadrasan sanitiser system. This system has been specially designed to prevent the lime scale to bind with the surfaces it comes in contact with and prevents the accumulation of bacteria so that the risks of bacterial infection are decreased.

Mywashroom Quadrasan sanitiser system works by releasing a special formula in the last stage of the flush cycle. This formulated solution is specially designed to reduce the risk of bacterial infection so you need not worry about your staff or visitors being at a health risk again! The benefits of the Mywashroom Quadrasan sanitiser are that you will no longer have to use harmful cleaning agents to clean the urinal rose and toilet bowl. On top of that, janitorial time is also decreased so that more effort can be put into areas that require attention.

Mywashroom’s highly trained operative team installs the unit by attaching it above the water tank or hiding it behind partitions in a way that is accessible for our service technicians. Mywashroom has a team of fully trained technicians that would check the maintenance and call on a regular basis to make sure that the unit is working perfectly without any problems.


To order Mywashroom Quadrasan system or for any queries, contact us on 01638 815464 or email us at sales@vastum.co.uk and ask about our package deals with our other service items.

Why choose us

Here’s what you’ll get from us…

  • Brand new equipment including a foot pedal operated sanitary bin – This means a no touch user experience.
  • A liner exchange service which means you won’t have someone else’s scuffed and damaged bin after each service call.
  • Free of charge Duty of Care notes means you won’t get surprised by hidden extras at the end of the year.
  • All waste is incinerated in a waste to energy plant which means you’ll be helping our environment by not having your waste land-filled.
  • No long-term contract to sign – Just a yearly service agreement with easy exit terms.
  • A 90 Day money back guarantee - Should you not be absolutely delighted with any aspect of our services you’ll get your money back.
  • One to one point of contact – Should there ever be any queries, you can contact us directly and we will resolve them.
  • 100% proven service record to all of our clients.

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