How do we provide you with the best sanitary bin service available today?

Here's how we do things...

To be the best at anything, one has to know ones competition. Our competiton is made up of 2 main competitors, PHS & Initial. Together they control nearly £1b of the away from home market.

As an independent supplier of washroom hygiene services, we at the Vastum Group Ltd had a few choices to make.

1. Either conform to the norms of an already established business or,

2. Create a washroom service that was exemplary and offered it's clients the service they were paying for

We beleive we have created that service and that service is the sanitary bin service called "Liner Exchange".

Here's how it works:


Our operator arrives on site, notifying the security or reception control that they are ready to start.

The operator goes to each area, enters each toilet cubicle housing one of our sanitary bins and proceeds as follows:

Step one:  Removal of soiled waste

  • The operator removes the top of the unit and takes out the plastic liner, complete with soiled contents. This liner is tied shut.
  • The operator then puts the used liner into a yellow tiger bag specific to the Duty of Care and Environmental Act 1990.
  • This second bag is placed into a third discretion or modesty bag for safe and discreet removal.

Step two:  Sterilisation of unit

  • Each sanitary disposal unit is specific to its site so it is sterilised and cleansed in situ. The operator sanitises it inside and out – including the lid – using germicidal and disinfectant spray.

Step three:  Replacement of the liner

  • Once the sanitary bin has been sanitised, a new liner is placed inside and charged with a special dry germicide. This germicide provides powerful, fast-acting, protection against pathogens and the organisms which create redolent smells.
  • We use a wide spectrum biocide which is effective in vapour phase which also contains a pleasant perfume to freshen the atmosphere.

Step four: Charging of the sanitary bin

  • Germicide added, the lid is re-fitted and the sanitary bin is placed back in the cubicle.

Your sanitary disposal service is now complete and the operative will now find a relevant member of your staff to sign the service sheet which details all aspects of the service, including your name and address, the service location and the type of waste removed.

This will often say EWC code 18 01 04 "Offensive Waste" which is the classification for feminine hygiene waste.

You will receive a copy of this note for safe keeping. We will keep a copy on your behalf for 7 years.

Should you have a visit by “Health & Safety” or the Environment Agency you can show your copy of a fully traceable route for your waste.

For more information on our services or to place an order please contact sales on 01638 815464 or email us on and ask about our special offers.

Why choose us

Here’s what you’ll get from us…
  • Brand new equipment including a foot pedal operated sanitary bin – This means a no touch user experience.
  • A liner exchange service which means you won’t have someone else’s scuffed and damaged bin after each service call.
  • Free of charge Duty of Care notes means you won’t get surprised by hidden extras at the end of the year.
  • All waste is incinerated in a waste to energy plant which means you’ll be helping our environment by not having your waste land-filled.
  • No long-term contract to sign – Just a yearly service agreement with easy exit terms.
  • A 90 Day money back guarantee - Should you not be absolutely delighted with any aspect of our services you’ll get your money back.
  • One to one point of contact – Should there ever be any queries, you can contact us directly and we will resolve them.
  • 100% proven service record to all of our clients.

Contact information

For all enquiries please send to:

The Vastum Group Ltd
9 Saxon Hall Road

Tel: 01638 815464