Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We can help you maintain a valuable asset
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Carpets can be a valuable asset to the appearance and comfort of your business, and are amongst the biggest investments in most properties.

Carpets can last 20, 30 years or longer when properly looked after. Professional and effective carpet cleaning will extend their life expectancy considerably in addition to keeping them hygienic and looking fresh and clean. Regular carpet cleaning is advised.

We use portable and truck mounted "High Pressure Hot Water Extraction" cleaning systems that will give your carpets a thorough deep down clean right to the base of the fibres. This removes more of the dirt, micro-organisms and air pollutants that can become trapped within the carpet due to constant walking and even vacuuming. This is, without doubt, the best way to clean and maintain your carpets.

Our truck mounted system has far more suction power than any portable machine. As well as more power the truck mounted "positive displacement" vacuum system ensures high air movement even when the tool is held against the carpet, whereas portables work centrifugally, which means little air movement while the tool is in contact with the carpet. This extra air flow not only means dryer carpets but cleaner carpets too, with much more of the dirty water being removed.

All equipment, including chemicals, used have been tested and used in carpet and upholstery cleaning for decades and comply to our policy regarding eco-friendly chemicals.

For upholstery cleaning we again use the portable or truck mounted system but with many different hand tools. Along with our safest ever chemical range which are specifically designed to remove stubborn stains including tea & coffee, red wine and other difficult to remove stains, we have fully trained and experienced carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians.

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