About Us

Why do we do what we do...

We wanted to make a difference. A difference for you our customers, for us and all the lovely people we have working for us today including our contractors.

We believe that by focusing on what the customer wants and not on what would fit with the established business model, we can change the perception of the waste industry from "how much business can we get?" to "how can we make a real difference to our customers, their working lives and ultimately to ours?"

Who are the people behind Vastum Group ltd?

We have people that are driven and enthusiastic. Real people wishing to make a difference for you, people with over 17 years experience in the waste solutions Industry.

What kind of people will you be buying from?

As previously mentioned, the main focus of our intention is to provide you with exceptional products and services. Products and services that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

We are driven and focused and want to help you with what is, let’s face it, an area of your business that you’d rather not have to worry about. You want it sorted from the moment you make your decision about who you’re going to put your faith in.

We have National Account status with most waste carriers in the UK because of the volumes of business we do with them. This means we may be able to offer our clients savings of up to 40% even with the carrier they are currently using!

What does our company stand for?

It might sound a bit “Miss World” contestant, but we want to leave things a little bit better than we find them.  We strive to do business in a more enlightened way, where we take responsibility for the impact of our business on the environment, and move these impacts from negative to neutral, or better still, positive.  It’s part of our quest to become a truly sustainable business, where we have a net positive effect on the wonderful world around us. This quest also centres on delivering the very best service to you our wonderful customers.

Why choose us

Here’s what you’ll get from us…
  • Brand new equipment including a foot pedal operated sanitary bin – This means a no touch user experience.
  • A liner exchange service which means you won’t have someone else’s scuffed and damaged bin after each service call.
  • Free of charge Duty of Care notes means you won’t get surprised by hidden extras at the end of the year.
  • All waste is incinerated in a waste to energy plant which means you’ll be helping our environment by not having your waste land-filled.
  • No long-term contract to sign – Just a yearly service agreement with easy exit terms.
  • A 90 Day money back guarantee - Should you not be absolutely delighted with any aspect of our services you’ll get your money back.
  • One to one point of contact – Should there ever be any queries, you can contact us directly and we will resolve them.
  • 100% proven service record to all of our clients.

Contact information

For all enquiries please send to:

The Vastum Group Ltd
9 Saxon Hall Road

Tel: 01638 815464

email: sales@vastum.co.uk